Girl from Minnesota Heroically Recovering from Semi Truck Crash in CA

A 6-year-old girl from Brainerd, Minnesota, was severely injured while vacationing in California. She, her mother, and her older sister were hit by a semi truck in March.

The young girl suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI) and, although out of intensive care, still has a long road to recovery, her mother told FOX 9 News yesterday.

A GoFundMe account, “Prayers for Kaliyah,” has been set up to help with the many expenses. As of the writing of this article, almost $12,000 of $100,000 has been raised.

“This is a heartbreaking story,” said attorney Eric Hageman, who has won many multi-million-dollar settlements for his clients. “More needs to be done to protect children traveling in the back seats of vehicles.”

Legal Help for Families

When a child is injured in a crash, our lawyers are here to help the family get answers, compensation and justice. When a crash happens in a non-resident state, a lawsuit can generally be filed in either the state where it happened or in the state where the injured person resides. It is extremely important for a lawyer to determine which state would be best because some states have a limit on how much can be recovered for pain and suffering. This can mean the difference between a multi-million-dollar settlement and on under a million.

The Pritzker law firm will do more than you’ll ever know for any person who has lost a child. They constantly gave us feedback and helped us understand what was going on. They feel the pain you and your family are feeling and they fight for you.” –This is a quote by a father who lost his son and hired Fred and Eric to represent the family.

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