3 Injured in Natural Gas Explosion on Chicago’s East Side

In April of 2017, an apartment explosion and fire in Chicago injured three people.

Owners of rental property are generally responsible for harm caused by an explosion and fire. In addition, if separate company is managing the building, that company may also be legally responsible.

The fire through an apartment complex on Chicago’s East Side in the early morning hours on April 15.  More than 100 firefighters battled the massive blaze at the six-unit building located at 9650 South Ewing.

Fire officials told local media that a natural gas leak was the source of the explosion, which occurred around 6 a.m. Further investigation found that a gas valve had been inadvertantly opened, allowing gas to accumulate. What ignited the gas is not yet known.

The intensity of the fire was so hot it burned the gas meters off so there was free-flowing natural gas as the firefighters were working on putting out the fire.

Two of the three people who were injured were hospitalized. One of them was injured jumping from a window to escape the fire. The other victim suffered severe burns to 20 percent of his body. He is in critical condition.

“These people are injured and emotionally traumatized,” said attorney Fred Pritzker. “The company responsible for opening the gas valve needs to be held accountable.”

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