A 54-year-old Iowa woman was killed and three other members of her family were injured in a three-vehicle crash on I-80 near Coralville, on Sunday, January 24, 2016. The accident happened at 12:50 pm near the 240 mile marker. The State Patrol is investigating.

The woman was killed when her Acura MDX SUV was rear-ended by a car driven by another woman. That crash sent her car into the path of a semi truck. Her husband and two of her four children were injured in the crash as well.

Accidents involving semi trailer trucks are much more complicated than accidents that involve passenger cars. Many federal rules and regulations apply to semi trucks, including the hours drivers can be on the road, the types of maintenance required, and driver training and licensure.

Wrongful death lawsuits and injury lawsuits in these types of accidents can be difficult to negotiate and are complicated. It is important to contact a lawyer.

Interstate 80 Crash
Credit: katoby Collection: iStock/ Getty Images Plus