Woman from Nevis, MN Injured When Pickup Runs Stop Sign

A woman from Nevis, Minnesota was injured when her SUV was broadsided by a pickup truck driven by a man from Park Rapids, MN.

A Chevy Silverado was traveling southbound on 209th Avenue when it failed to yield at the intersection of 209th and Highway 87, according to the Minnesota State Patrol. The Silverado broadsided a Subaru Outback, injuring the driver.

The accident happened on December 20, 2016, in Hubbard County, south of Nevis and Park Rapids. 209th is a gravel road with stop signs at the intersection. Highway 87 does not have stop signs at that intersection.

When a highway does not have stop signs or a signal at an intersection, the drivers on that road have the right-of-way at that intersection. Any vehicle that pulls into the highway traffic is violating the law if it creates an unsafe situation.

In many cases like this, the pickup is owned by a company. When this happens, if that driver is at fault (for example, does not have the right-of-way), anyone who is hurt in the collision can sue the at-fault truck driver and the company that owns the vehicle. For example, H.G., a man in his thirties pulls into the intersection on a green light to turn right. At the same time M.B., driving a pickup owned by Company A, runs the stop light and slams into H.G., who hits his head on the steering wheel, causing a traumatic brain injury. H.G. hires a lawyer, who seeks compensation from M.B. and Company A.

Stop Sign Intersection Collision

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