Watch this video of a Minnesota man who was hurdled several feet in the air when his motorcycle ran over debris in the highway from an unsecured load.

You can sue a driver if you are injured by an unsecured load.

Fast Facts

  • The crash occurred earlier this June in Woodbury MN on Interstate 94.
  • Thankfully, the man sustained only minor injuries, likely due to the fact he was wearing a helmet.
  • The driver of the boat-towing vehicle has not been identified.

The Bigger Problem: Debris from Unsecured Loads Causes Injuries

Debris from unsecured loads causes tens of thousands of injuries annually. All of these injuries are preventable if drivers would just take time to secure their cargo. As a part of national campaign to educate drivers about securing loads the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) designated June 6, 2016, as inaugural Secure Your Load Day. In a press release promoting the day DOT used this example to highlight the dangers of any unsecured debris:

At 55 miles per hour, an object weighing just 20 pounds that falls from a vehicle strikes with the impact of half a ton.

In the state of Minnesota drivers hauling unsecured debris who injure or kill someone can be charged criminally with vehicular homicide, facing fines and jail time.  They can also be held liable in civil court for damages inflicted like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and disability.

Securing your load is a mandatory step, but it does not need to be complicated. Tie-down hooks are sold at hardware stores, are easy to adjust, and move around. Webbed straps with tightening ratchets are also very inexpensive and easy to use. Cargo bars reinforce the truck bed to help hold objects in place. While gravity alone is not a sufficient way to secure your haul, it can be used to your advantage. By putting the lighter items in first and stacking the heavier items on top, gravity can help keep the load in place. Whenever possible, try to keep your haul lower than the truck bed.



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