Lawsuit for Head-On Collision between 2 Semi-Tractor Trucks

A recent head-on collision between two semi-tractor trucks in Minnesota tragically killed both drivers. The crash happened on I-90 when a Kenworth semi-tractor traveling eastbound crossed the median and entered the westbound lane of traffic, where it collided head-on with a Freightliner semi, killing the driver of that vehicle.

Yesterday, 2 similar crashes happened.

  • Two truck drivers from Herford died yesterday morning in a head-on collision between two semi trucks. The two tractor-trailer rigs were traveling in opposite directions on U.S. Highway 385, a few miles north of Vega, when the southbound truck crossed over into the northbound lane. Tragically, both drivers were pronounced dead on the scene by an Oldham County Justice of the Peace. The preliminary report states that the driver that veered into the wrong lane may have done so because he fell asleep at the wheel.
  • A head-on collision involving a semi-trailer and a truck hauling a mobile home resulted in the death of the driver hauling the mobile home.  The crash happened yesterday on US-79 near the Neches river bridge in Henderson County.

Investigation of Head-on Collision with a Commercial Truck

Even in head-on collisions where one of the semi drivers is obviously 100% of the fault, an investigation can uncover evidence further bad behavior, for example, violating the hours-of-service regulations, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, distracted driving or driving a big rig without the legally required qualifications. When this kind of evidence is uncovered, an analysis needs to be done to determine how it can be used to obtain full compensation and, if applicable, punitive damages.

When a truck driver or the trucking company that person works for intentionally breaks the law or is grossly negligent, that should be brought to light, and everyone involved should be held accountable.

Who Can Be Sued and When Can a Lawsuit Be Filed?

One of the purposes of an independent investigation is to determine who can be sued. Generally the at-fault driver can be sued, and with 18-wheeler cases, a trucking and freight company may also be legally responsible. In some cases, there are complex corporate relationships that need to be sorted out by an attorney.

In some cases, the at-fault driver and companies are not technically sued because the case settles before a lawsuit is filed. This happens rarely with these cases because trucking companies hire some of the best attorneys in the country and often deny fault. In cases where there is obvious fault, it is important to make sure a settlement amount is high enough to fully compensate the family for the wrongful death.


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