Family from Warba, MN, in Crash with Semi Truck

A family from Warba, Minnesota, was injured when a semi truck turned left into their car.

Minnesota State Patrol Preliminary Report

A Toyota Camry was traveling eastbound on Highway 2. A semi truck, a 2000 International 8000 series, traveling westbound, was making a left turn and “did not see Toyota” when it crashed into the car head on.

The initial report states a 38-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man suffered “no apparent injury”, the key word is “apparent”. In many cases our law firm handles, soft tissue injuries and head injuries can surface even weeks after a crash. A three-year-old passenger in the car was injured. All three were transported to the hospital via ambulance.

The accident happened in Itasca County on Highway 2 at County Road 71, just east of Grand Rapids. The road was dry.

Whiplash and Brain Damage

Attorney Eric Hageman for Semi Truck Accident Claim
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Immediately after an accident, it may not be apparent that there are whiplash and traumatic brain injury (TBI). It is clear from the medical literature that whiplash can cause mild TBI and that this can have life-altering consequences. Below are a few of the many articles:

  • As early as 1968, the connection between whiplash and brain damage was made. “Experimental whiplash injury in rhesus monkeys has demonstrated that experimental cerebral concussion, as well as gross hemorrhages and contusions over the surface of the brain and upper cervical cord, can be produced by rotational displacement of the head on the neck alone, without significant direct head impact.”
    Ommaya, Ayub K., Fred Faas, and Philip Yarnell. “Whiplash injury and brain damage: an experimental study.” Jama 204.4 (1968): 285-289.
  • The study found that after a minor traumatic brain injury from whiplash or a slight head impact there was “a mean loss of 14 points of Full Scale IQ from estimated pre-injury baseline ILQ determined from the standardization group without evidence for recovery.” It also found, “Personality dysfunctions included cerebral personality disorder, psychiatric diagnosis, post-traumatic stress disorders, persistent altered consciousness, and psychodynamic reactions to impairment.”Parker, Rolland S., and Andrew Rosenblum. “IQ loss and emotional dysfunctions after mild head injury incurred in a motor vehicle accident.” Journal of clinical psychology 52.1 (1996): 32-43.
  • “TBI and whiplash injuries are common, especially among young people, and the injuries render long-term symptoms, disability, and impaired life satisfaction in up to 50% of the cases.”

    Styrke, Johan. “Traumatic brain injuries and whiplash injuries: epidemiology and long-term consequences.” (2012).

  • “Headache is one of the most common complaints in patients with traumatic brain injury. By definition, headache that develops within 1 wk after head trauma (or within 1 wk after regaining consciousness) is referred to as posttraumatic headache (PTH). Although most PTH resolves within 6–12 mos after injury, approximately 18–33% of PTH persists beyond 1 yr.”
    Lew, Henry L., et al. “Characteristics and treatment of headache after traumatic brain injury: a focused review.” American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation 85.7 (2006): 619-627.

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