Our lawyers settled a wrongful death case where a bicyclist was killed by a semi-trailer hauling an oversized load. The truck driver ran over our client’s wife as he was turning left. The truck driver and trucking company denied fault, but attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman found evidence the load was too big and won over $2.5 million at trial. You can contact Fred and Eric for a free case evaluation.

Law Regulating Oversized Loads

Each state has different laws governing trucks towing oversized loads. The laws specify lighting requirements for the vehicle, signage indicating oversized load, and specific routes drivers are mandated to take. Some states require the semi drivers to obtain a permit before crossing into the state. To better enforce safe driving practices semi trucks are made to weigh in periodically over their route. This is a video from the MN Department of Transportation explaining how weigh stations work in Minnesota.

Bicycle Attorney

A common thread in many of our bicycle accident cases is the injured party’s need for answers. A police investigation can feel incomplete and leave people with questions. A lawsuit can often be the only way to get answers. If you would like to speak to a lawyer about getting answers in your bike injury or death case call toll-free 1-888-338-0202.

More on The Bicycle Wrongful Death Case

Attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman handled a wrongful death case where a semi truck turning right made fatal impact with a bicyclist. The police initially concluded the cyclist was at fault, siting she should have seen the semi driver. As part of the civil suit, Fred and Eric conducted an independent investigation and reconstruction. In a deposition the truck driver admitted to not seeing the bicyclist. He did not check his mirrors prior to turning. Additionally, he was towing a trailer he believed to be a regulation 48-feet long, when in reality the trailer was 53-feet. This increase in length caused the turn to be much wider.  In this particular case the family of the deceased was awarded a multi-million result.

Recent News

A young woman was tragically killed yesterday in Hancock County, Indiana, when her bicycle was struck by a semi truck hauling an oversized load. The initial investigation found that the woman was biking along the right-side shoulder of US 40 when the semi’s oversized load struck her. She was taken to the hospital in Indianapolis, where she passed.

Police are investigating the semi to determine if any safety violations or equipment failure impacted the crash. Presently, neither drugs nor alcohol is suspected to have contributed to the crash.

Bike in road after accident