Minneapolis Pedal Pub Crash Investigated by Injury Lawyers

Our law firm is investigating the serious pedal pub crash in Minneapolis that resulted when the bicycle-powered vehicle tipped over and pinned some patrons beneath it as it crossed the Hennepin Avenue Bridge just before 10 p.m. Wednesday, June 24. No one was killed, but police said 12 of the 13 people suffered injuries and eight were hospitalized. According to a copy of the accident report filed by Minneapolis Police, officers at the scene arrested the 35-year-old  driver of a car that crashed into the pedal pub, causing the accident. The driver was booked into Hennepin County Jail on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and and on suspicion of criminal vehicular operation, according to the report.

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Drunk driving is a clear element of this injury investigation, but our lawyers also will be examining the complexities of non-motorized pedal pub safety and liability, as well as possible dram shop law considerations. We are relieved that this crash between a car commanded by a suspected drunk driver and a slow-moving pedal pub operating late at night on a heavily trafficked urban bridge did not result in anyone’s death. The profitable pedalpub business centers around the entertainment value of a bar on wheels. Police told news reporters that it was passersby — not pedal pub employees — who lifted the pedal pub to help trapped riders get out from underneath it. At least four of the victims were still hospitalized into the next day. The injured riders were from as far away as California, Georgia and Texas, but a number of Minnesotans also were on board. Our Minneapolis-based law firm represents injured people in all corners of the United States and our investigation will provide a foundation to optimize claims for the affected pedal pub riders.

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