Can I Sue for a Gas Line Explosion During Excavation?

Yes, you may have the right to sue a company for a gas line explosion caused by a mistake during excavation if you or a loved one was severely injured. If a family member died in the gas line explosion, you may have a wrongful death lawsuit. A gas explosion lawyer at our law firm can help you sue a gas company and others, meaning you will be able to sue more than one business for the harm that has come to you and your family.

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What Company Can I Sue for a Gas Line Explosion?

When a gas line explosion happens during excavation, an explosion lawyer will need to look at the facts to determine who can be sued for compensation:

  • Was the injured person an employee or contractor (subcontractor)?
  • Who owned the gas line and who was responsible for maintaining it?
  • Who owned the land?
  • What company was doing the excavation?
  • Who was responsible for calling 811 and having the utilities marked, were they marked and did the excavation happen within the time frame allowed by the 811 ticket?

811 Ticket

Explosion Damage Lawsuit
Rubble from an explosion that severely burned our client. Our lawyers won a $10 settlement.

811 laws may be an issue in many excavation explosions.

An 811 ticket is required for excavation, and any digging has to be done before the 811 ticket expires.  “Call 811” ticket laws have strict rules to protect the public against gas line breaks and other critical utility line accidents. The biggest safety hazard is the possibility of an explosion from hitting a gas line or electrocution from an electric line. The law states that anytime you plan to disturb a ground surface—whether by digging, drilling, boring, etc.—you must call 811 and get the utility lines marked.

811 tickets have a deadline for excavation to be completed because there’s a risk that pipeline markings will go missing and equipment operators won’t be able to avoid the underground danger areas. In addition, any excavation project that is going to be within five feet of a transmission line requires a certified utility representative to be on the site to ensure safe digging practices.

You will need a lawyer to determine how the 811 laws affect your lawsuit.

Gas Line Explosion Lawsuit

A thorough investigation of cause and fault is always critical to any gas explosion litigation.  Lawyers at Pritzker Hageman law firm represent families who suffer injury or wrongful death as a result of mistakes by others. You can sue a company to hold them fully accountable for all expenses, hospital bills, lost income, pain, suffering and all future ordeals — including future medical expenses, diminishment of quality of life and all other setbacks. Attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman recently won $10 million for a man who was severely burned in a propane gas explosion. Our investigation found violations of industry safety standards.

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