Duplex Explosion Lawsuit Investigation

A duplex explosion can give rise to personal injury and wrongful death claims against a landlord, propane company, gas company or others, including manufacturers of defective products that explode and cause a fire. Our lawyers won $45 million for people injured by an injured product and are now taking explosion cases throughout the United States.

Independent Investigation of Cause

If you hire our law firm to represent you, our lawyers will conduct an independent investigation into the cause of the explosion. This includes finding the primary and any secondary causes of the explosion and finding out if other sources contributed to the severity of the injuries.

Questions that may need answers include the following:

  • Was there a gas leak?
  • Did a company strike a gas pipeline, causing a leak?
  • Was a propane tank recently installed, filled or maintained?
  • Did anyone report smelling something abnormal before the duplex exploded?
  • Was a stove or other appliance connected in any way to the explosion or its severity?
  • What was the location of the explosion?
  • Was there a fire and how did it spread?
  • Did a fire precede the explosion?
  • Were there working smoke and fire alarms?
  • Were people able to escape from windows and doors, or were there issues with functionality?
  • Did any company know of any dangerous conditions at the duplex for which that company was responsible, at least in part?
  • Were flammable products (paint thinner, etc.) left where they could cause a fire or explosion?
  • Was there anything about the design of the duplex that contributed to the severity of the injuries, including burns and smoke inhalation?

It can take months of gathering and analyzing evidence to uncover the truth. Our lawyers have done this successfully.

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