E. coli-HUS Wrongful Death Caused by County Fair Petting Zoo

Our law firm investigates petting zoo E. coli-HUS wrongful death lawsuits for families whose little ones die after having animal contact at a county fair petting zoo. In 2016, our E. coli lawyers won a $7.55 verdict in an E. coli lawsuit against a petting zoo owner. These lawsuits help families find out why their child was sickened and hold those responsible accountable.

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Goat Contact and E. coli in Child

In 2013, attorney Fred Pritzker represented a family whose young son died after contracting an E. coli O157 infection and hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) from animals at a county fair petting zoo.  The investigation into the boy’s death and over 100 additional E. coli cases found that fair officials and the company that provided the animals for the fair’s petting zoo were not diligent about sanitation measures that could have prevented this tragedy. In addition to other issues, the wash station soap dispensers were empty on the day the child who died from Escherichia coli O157:H7 complications visited the fair.

“Our law firm represents families of children who die in E. coli outbreaks. One thing is clear in this case: there should have been soap available for use at the hand washing station,” said attorney Fred Pritzker, who has won millions for clients in E. coli personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

In 2012, Fred represented the family of another boy who was developed E. coli-HUS after visiting a petting zoo. This young boy survived, but will have to live with the long-term health consequences of HUS-E. coli O157 for the rest of his life.

“As the summer months approach, it is time to take action to prevent serious illness and death from fair petting zoos,” said Fred. “Animals are an important part of county fairs throughout the country, but when children are allowed to pet the animals, there should be someone trained in E. coli prevention stationed in the animal enclosure to make sure hands are sanitized and parents are made aware that their children’s hands need to be washed well with soap.”

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