Working on behalf of our clients, the food poisoning attorneys at Pritzker Hageman help to hold produce suppliers, food companies, restaurants and grocery stores accountable for selling food that is tainted with Cyclospora parasites.

We have won compensation for our clients in lawsuits filed against McDonald’s, Del Monte, Taylor Farms, Darden Corporation, which owns Olive Garden and Red Lobster and more. No other law firm has represented more clients in recent large-scale Cyclospora outbreaks.

Below are five reasons to file a Cyclospora lawsuit:

  1. Early Access to Evidence. When we file a lawsuit on your behalf, we can get early access to relevant corporate and health department documents.  Without a lawsuit, we cannot force them to share any information.
  2. Insurance Money. In some food poisoning outbreaks, there is limited insurance money. By suing now, you have a better chance of getting some of the available insurance money.
  3. Send a Message. A lawsuit sends a message to a corporate wrongdoer that food safety should come before profit. Your lawsuit is particularly important because these corporate wrongdoers are almost never charged criminally for selling contaminated food contaminated. Your lawsuit may be the only way to hold the company and its executives accountable.
  4. Food Safety. If you file a lawsuit, you may have the opportunity to be a voice for food safety. Several of our clients have been interviewed by the media, and some have testified before Congress. You can let the public know that companies and regulators need to do more to make sure our food supply is free of parasites and foodborne pathogens.
  5. Lawsuit Settlement. A lawsuit can lead to a faster settlement and money to pay medical bills and compensate for lost income. This is particularly important because Cyclospora infection (cyclosporiasis) victims are often unable to work for weeks due to the watery and explosive diarrhea.

Pritzker Hageman’s food poisoning attorneys have a proven track record in these cases. If you have been sickened by Cyclospora, we want to help you, too.

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Cyclospora Lawsuit