Megabus Crash Investigation

A Megabus crash resulted in the tragic death of one person, and critical injuries to others.

The crash happened on August 2, 2016, on I-55, near Litchfield, Ill. The bus was traveling from Chicago to Kansas City.

A state trooper told NBC Chicago that 33 passengers were taken to St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield and Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, and that 5 people were transported with medical helicopters.

The preliminary investigation found that the accident may have been caused by a blown tire. The bus company told NBC Chicago, “Safety remains our number one priority.”

Five helicopters, 30 ambulances and 7 fire departments assisted at the scene of the wreck.

Megabus Crash News

Below are some recent Megabus articles:


If you or a family member has been injured in a bus crash, and you need a lawyer with a Minnesota license, please contact our law firm for a free consultation. Megabus stops in Minneapolis and St. Paul on routes going from these cities to the following:

  • Chicago, Illinois;
  • Madison, Wisconsin, including a direct route to the U of W; and
  • Milwaukee.


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