Logging Truck Driver Cited in Florida for Careless Driving

Four months after a fatal truck accident in Florida, authorities are taking action.

The driver of a logging truck was cited for careless driving, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. His careless driving caused him to lose control of his tractor-trailer and dump the truck’s load of logs onto the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 at Port Orange, FL. The truck driver and the owner of the logging truck, Triple J Logging, were also cited for operating an overweight vehicle.

One semi driver was killed and 5 others were injured in the wreck. Immediately after the logs spilled onto the highway, a car driven by a New York teen hit the logs and overturned. A mail truck driven by a Miami resident then drove into the car and the logs. This was followed by a semi truck filled with pesticide slamming into the logs and other vehicles and bursting into flames.

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