Lawsuits against NECC for Fungal Meningitis are Asking for Millions

Lawsuits against New England Compounding Center (NECC) are seeking millions from the company for cases of fungal infection (primarily fungal meningitis). The number of CDC-confirmed cases of fungal meningitis (368) has not grown for several days, leading health officials to believe that part of the NECC outbreak is over. The number of other spinal infections and paraspinal infections continues to rise, however. These infections include epidural abscess, phlegmon, discitis, vertebral osteomyelitis, and arachnoiditis.

NECC has closed its doors and will most likely file for bankruptcy in the near future. Its insurance coverage will not be enough to cover even a small fraction of the lawsuits being filed. In light of this, Attorney Fred Pritzker and his Bad Bug Law Team have been digging for evidence to go after additional companies and others who can be held legally responsible for the fungal infections.

Aspergillus Fungi

All of the outbreak victims became ill after having shots of one of three lots of NECC methylprednisolone acetate, a steroid used for pain.  The CDC and FDA have found fungus (fungi mold) in unopened vials of this drug. This is “smoking gun” evidence against NECC.  In addition, the FDA found bacteria, mold and filth at the NECC facility where the three lots of methylprednisolone acetate were made. Fred and his team are looking at suing a company that did a safety audit of NECC prior to the outbreak. That company did not report finding any bacteria, mold or filth.

Another basis for legal liability may be medical malpractice. The clinics and hospitals who purchased and administered the tainted NECC steroids may be legally responsible because the NECC drugs appear to have been sold illegally. NECC was licensed as a compounding pharmacy, but it sold at least some of its drugs in bulk, a violation of the law.

Lawsuits filed against NECC have named additional defendants, including NECC pharmacist and co-founder Barry Cadden, co-founder Greg Conigliaro, sister company Ameridose and its marketing and support arm, Medical Sales Management.

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