E. coli Lawsuits Involve Obtaining and Analyzing Corporate Documents

by attorney Fred Pritzker

Litigating E. coli food poisoning cases involves sorting through thousands of corporate documents. This is because corporations who are sued do not just hand over the specific documents the other side needs to win the E. coli lawsuit. Instead, corporations send thousands of documents, hoping the lawyers for the E. coli victims (the plaintiffs) don’t ever find what they need.

Using Traceback Methodology to Find the Source of an E. coli Outbreak

When I and my E. coli litigation team work on an E. coli case, we look at every document produced by the company or companies involved. This is all done on our law firm’s dime until we win the case because we work on a contingency basis, which means the client does not pay our law firm for the work we do unless we win money for the client.

One might ask why the corporations give any documents to the lawyers for the E. coli victims. The simple answer is that they have to under the law. The process of obtaining documents is called “discovery,” and there are detailed rules governing the process of discovery and what each side must produce if the rules are followed.

Corporate documents may be used by plaintiffs’ attorneys to determine corporate ownership, whether the corporation had safety procedures in place to prevent E. coli contamination, whether those procedures were followed, whether anyone in the company knew about the contamination before it made the victims sick or knew there was a high risk of contamination, and other information that could prove the company is liable (responsible) to the E. coli victims.

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Attorney Fred Pritzker

Fred Pritzker is a national food safety lawyer who represents E. coli victims throughout the United States in lawsuits against food processors, distributors, restaurants and others. He has won millions for his clients.

E. coli Lawsuits Filed by Our Law Firm

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