E. coli-HUS Food Poisoning Leads to Wrongful Death of a Child

Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) has claimed another life, a 21-month-old child from New Orleans, Louisiana–another tragic, preventable loss of a precious child.  The child first contracted an E. coli infection from contaminated food, and then developed HUS, which is almost always caused by E. coli food poisoning.

At least 2 other children from New Orleans, the Crescent City area, were sickened, as were others in several southern states, in an outbreak of E. coli-HUS that was caused by contaminated food. The specific food product responsible for this tragic death and illnesses has not been identified.

It is extremely important to find the source of this E. coli food poisoning outbreak. Many different kinds of food have been linked to past E. coli-HUS cases, including ground beef, spinach, lettuce, pizza, raw milk and raw milk cheese and sprouts. When there is an food poisoning outbreak that has not been conclusively linked to a food product, families hire me to look at the evidence from a different perspective and to conduct an independent investigation.  My experience is that finding the cause of the illness helps the family with the grieving process.

In this outbreak the food product was 1) served at a restaurant or other eating establishment, 2) sold at a grocery store or other retailer or 3) both. Recent E. coli outbreaks have involved lettuce sold at a grocery store chain, sprouts sold at a national fast food restaurant and raw milk sold at a dairy and grocery stores. Recent food poisoning outbreaks have sickened people in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states.

Attorney Fred Pritzker represents E. coli-HUS victims nationwide. He and his team of E. coli-HUS lawyers are available for a free consultation regarding an independent investigation and lawsuit against the companies responsible for the outbreak, which may include a food manufacturer, restaurant, grocery store and others.

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