Can I Sue for Salmonella?

Yes, if your Salmonella infection can be linked to a food or location (restaurant, retailer, etc.) you may be able to sue for compensation.

One of the first issues your lawyer will need to address is what company or companies are responsible for your illness and can be sued. For example, if your illness was linked to chicken served at a restaurant, should you sue the restaurant, the chicken processor and/or the farm where the chicken was raised? In some cases, there are layers of corporations, making it difficult to determine ownership and liability.

If you were part of an outbreak of Salmonella infections, local, state and federal health officials may be involved in an investigation. Generally the FDA and CDC are only called in to help with an outbreak if people from two or more states were sickened.

Another question your lawyer will need to address is where to file your lawsuit. Lawsuits can be filed in the state where:

  • the contaminated food was grown, processed or sold;
  • one of the defendants (company being sued) has its main office; or
  • the Salmonella victim lives.

This is an important decision that you will need to discuss with your lawyer.


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