Campylobacteriosis Linked to Family Cow Raw Milk

Raw milk from Your Family Cow dairy in Chambersburg, P.A. is now linked to 80 cases of campylobacteriosis in 4 states: Pennsylvania (70), Maryland (5), West Virginia (3), and New Jersey (2).

Pennsylvania Counties: Franklin, Adams, Wyoming, Chester, Dauphin, Cumberland, York, Lancaster, Delaware, Bucks, Allegheny, Montgomery, and Northampton.

What does it mean that Family Cow raw milk is “linked” to the outbreak?

Most people are not aware that every foodborne outbreak (in this case one involving Campylobacter jejuni) is caused by at least one genetically unique subtype of the pathogen. The genetic fingerprint of the pathogen involved in the outbreak is found using a process called pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). In the case of an outbreak of campylobacteriosis, only people who have been infected with the outbreak subtype of Campylobacter are part of the outbreak. If a food item is found that contains the outbreak subtype of  the pathogen, that food is genetically “linked” to the illnesses and considered the source of the outbreak.

In this case, the Maryland Department of Health found the outbreak subtype of Campylobacter jejuni in an unopened bottle of Family Cow raw milk. This is the “smoking gun” that linked Family Cow raw milk to the outbreak.

What legal rights do victims of this Family Cow raw milk outbreak have?

Our national Campylobacter lawyers are available for a free consultation. You can contact them HERE. In the meantime, you should not discuss your case with the owners of Your Family Cow, their attorneys or an insurance representative.

Victims of this outbreak, including the children, have the right to sue Family Cow and possibly others for compensation, which can include medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. This is one of the costs of doing business.



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