Bike Hit by Car or Semi Truck: Protect Your Legal Rights

Attorney Fred Pritzker is an avid cyclist and former racer. He represents bike accident victims nationwide and has offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with affiliated offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island.

Fred and attorney Eric Hageman recently won $2,469,339 against a trucking company in a wrongful death lawsuit involving a semi truck-bike accident. Contact Fred and Eric for a free consultation.

If you or a family member has been hit by a car, semi truck or other vehicle, you need to protect your legal rights. Below are 6 things you should do (and should not do) after your bike is hit by a car or semi truck.

1. Do not talk to the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

If you or your child was hit by a vehicle, the driver’s insurance company will contact you soon after the accident. Our experience is that you will be contacted within 48 hours of the accident (usually within 24 hours). Don’t discuss the bicycle accident with the insurance company representative. These insurance representatives are called adjusters. They’re not bad people, but their job is to get information about the accident and your (or your child’s) injuries so that the insurance company can use it against you. When you are contacted, you should politely tell the representative that you are going to hire an attorney and that the attorney will contact them. You should not engage in any small talk.

2. Do not sign anything without your attorney’s consent.

You could sign away your legal rights without even knowing it. You should never sign anything after an accident without first having your attorney read it and consent to your signing it.

3. Keep track of your expenses.

You should keep track of all accident-related expenses. If you hire one of our bicycle accident attorneys, we will work to obtain compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, pain, suffering, disability, disfigurement, emotional distress, loss of earning capacity and other losses that may have occurred. For you to get compensated for an expense, we need to know about it and it has to be documented. We can help you with this after you hire one of our attorneys for your personal injury bike accident.

4. Take pictures of the bike crash injuries.


5. See the right medical professionals.

In many cases bike accident head injuries cause more damage than is immediately apparent. It is critical to see a neurologists with significant experience treating patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). These doctors know the tests that need to be done to determine the full extent of your injuries. We have handled many cases for clients who had sustained far more brain injury than they thought they had.  We can help you get an appointment with a good neurologist and any other type of medical professional.

6. Hire an attorney you can trust.

There are a lot of personal injury lawyers. You need a bike accident lawyer who understands bicycle accidents and has won cases like yours. We encourage you to call our law firm and talk with one of our attorneys. You can get more information about us and make an appointment for a free consultation. If you hire our law firm to represent you, you will not have to pay us anything unless we win your case.


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