Aggressive Drivers Ticketed in Florida to Prevent Car and Truck Accidents

From May 4 through 11, the Florida Highway Patrol will be on the lookout for aggressive drivers of cars and commercial trucks who commit traffic violations, including following too closely, unsafe lane change and speeding. Aggressive driving is dangerous no matter how large the vehicle, but 18-wheelers and other big trucks are particularly dangerous.

To prevent these types of car-truck accidents, the Florida State Patrol partnered with the Florida Trucking Association on Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks, a campaign to educate the public about the risk of aggressive driving accidents. In addition to targeted enforcement like that planned for May 4-11, the campaign will use billboard and radio messaging to increase awareness among car and truck drivers of safe driving behaviors around one another and of the heightened risk of receiving a ticket for a violation.

Some drivers are always aggressive and don’t think what they are doing is wrong. Others make a conscious decision to drive aggressively and put others at risk because they want to get somewhere quickly. Either way, this kind of driving should not be tolerated, and we applaud the Florida State Patrol for its efforts.

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