Compounding Pharmacy Error Settlement

We have recently settled a wrongful death case involving a compounded medication that was 10-times stronger than the prescription called for. The medication was compounded by a compounding pharmacy which was not subject to regulation by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and do not have to comply with the very strict statutes and regulations governing the development, formulation and testing of prescription drugs. Read about the compounding pharmacy error settlement.

CVS Pharmacy Lawsuit for Wrong Dose or Wrong Prescription

Pharmacies and pharmacists owe patients a duty of care.  When that duty is breached and that breach causes harm to the patient, a pharmacy is liable for damages, meaning the pharmacy and pharmacist have to compensate the patient and/or the patient’s family for the resulting injuries or death. Read about a CVS Pharmacy lawsuit.

Walgreens Precription Error Lawsuits

A jury found that a Walgreens pharmacist gave a patient blood-thinner medication 10 times stronger than her doctor had prescribed. Jurors concluded the error caused the 42-year-old patient to suffer a serious stroke. Read more information on Walgreens prescription error and a Walgreens lawsuit.

Pharmacist Malpractice

A pharmacist has a degree and holds himself or herself out as having the training and ability to accurately fill prescriptions.  Pharmacists are, therefore, held to a high duty of care (standard of care) that requires absolute accuracy in order processing. Read more about pharmacist malpractice.