Compounding Pharmacy Lawsuit and Settlement

Compounding pharmacy lawsuit cases often involve a patient who was injured or killed by the wrong dose. One reason for this is that there is little oversight of these companies by the FDA, and the pharmacists who work for these companies are making small-batch (sometimes single use), special-order medications. For example, the company may take the ingredients for Pill A and make it a liquid that can be injected.

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Dangerous Drugs and Compounding Pharmacies

Most people have never heard of them. They’re called compounding pharmacies. Unlike the large chain drug stores (or the corner drug store), they manufacture small amounts of rare or infrequently used drugs not otherwise available from major drug companies.

The problem is that compounding pharmacies operate in a gray area far less regulated than traditional drug companies. This means compounding pharmacies are not subject to regulation by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and do not have to comply with the very strict statutes and regulations governing the development, formulation and testing of prescription drugs.

This lack of oversight can have disastrous consequences, as exemplified by a case recently concluded by our lawyers and a recent outbreak of fungal meningitis and other fungal infections that sickened over 700 people and killed 48 of them. This outbreak was linked to New England Compounding Center (NECC), which went bankrupt. Our lawyers are helping many of the people sickened in this outbreak get some money from the bankruptcy and also to sue the clinics where the deadly NECC drug was administered.

10 Times the Dose

An elderly woman died a horrible death within twenty-fours after ingesting a medication produced by a compounding pharmacy. Her death was caused by a compounding error: the drug she received was eight to ten times stronger than the prescription called for. The overly strong medication was the result of a simple weighing and labeling error that would have easily been prevented/detected if rudimentary quality control measures were followed.

The woman was survived by her husband of almost sixty years, two adult daughters in their fifties, two grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

The compounding pharmacy error settlement, subject to a confidentiality requirement, was among the largest of its kind for a claim of this sort.

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