CVS Pharmacy Lawsuit

A CVS pharmacy lawsuit would be filed against CVS Caremark, the company that owns the pharmacies and general retail stores. It is the number one provider of prescriptions in the nation, and there are nearly 7,000 stores in 41 states.

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CVS Owes its Customers a Duty of Care

Pharmacies and pharmacists owe patients a duty of care.  When that duty is breached and that breach causes harm to the patient, a pharmacy is liable for damages, meaning the pharmacy and pharmacist have to compensate the patient and/or the patient’s family for the resulting injuries or death. Read about pharmacist malpractice.

Some pharmacy models emphasize the need for speed, which means pharmacists need help from technicians. And while technician training requirements vary in both states, the age and education requirement is the same—a technician must have a high school degree or be making progress toward one.

The technician filling your prescription might be a teenager.

Lawsuits for Wrong Prescription and Wrong Dose

Pharmacy errors can happen when the wrong dose of a prescription is given, when the wrong medication is given and in other circumstances. The following are examples of CVS Pharmacy lawsuits:

Alleged Wrong Prescription
In a case settled for a confidential amount, the claimant alleged that her prescription for Zaroxolyn, a diuretic was improperly filled and she was given the wrong prescription, Methotrexate, a pain medication that has serious side effects and can cause death. Methotrexate should only be prescribed to someone with life-threatening cancer. According to the complaint, which demanded 20 million dollars, the patient was seriously and irreparably harmed after taking the Methotrexate for 13 days.1

Alleged Wrong Dose
A kidney transplant patient was prescribed 250 milligrams of prednisone, a dangerous steroid, for three days.  A CVS pharmacy allegedly gave her 1,250 milligrams for three days.  The patient was seriously and permanently injured, and she got a multi-million dollar jury verdict.2

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