Walgreens Lawsuit

You can find out if you have a Walgreens lawsuit for medical malpractice by contacting our law firm and talking with attorney David Coyle. Walgreens is legally responsible if a pharmacist or other employee gives you or a loved one the wrong medication or the wrong dose and it leads to injury or other harm. You can contact David using the form below.

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Attorney David Coyle“When someone picks up medication at a Walgreens pharmacy, there is a reasonable expectation that what is sold is what was prescribed by the patient’s doctor. Patients do not have the training to know when there has been a mistake.”Attorney David Coyle

You Have Legal Rights if Walgreens Pharmacy Provided the Wrong Medication or Wrong Dose

With monthly sales in the billions, Walgreens is one of the nation’s largest pharmacy chains. Pharmacies owe patients filling prescriptions a duty of care. When that duty is breached and that breach causes harm to the patient, a pharmacy is liable for damages, meaning the pharmacy has to compensate the patient and/or the patient’s family for the resulting injuries or death. Read about pharmacist malpractice.

Prescription Error Lawsuits

Pharmacy errors can happen when the wrong dose of a prescription is given, when the wrong medication is given and in other circumstances. The following are examples of Walgreens lawsuits:

$25.8 Million for Wrong Dose

A jury found that a pharmacist gave a patient blood-thinner medication 10 times stronger than her doctor had prescribed. Jurors concluded the error caused the 42-year-old patient to suffer a serious stroke. The $25,800,000 verdict was upheld by upheld by the Court of Appeals (Patel).

Alleged Toxic Drug Interaction

A jury awarded $6 million when it found that a pharmacist failed to counsel a patient about the danger of simultaneously taking two drugs, methadone and tramadol, and failed to double-check the prescription with the patient’s doctor. The patient died of a toxic drug interaction (McCoy).

Alleged Wrong Medication

In 2006, a jury awarded $31 million to a family when it found that a pharmacist gave a patient that only needed gout medication the wrong medication, allegedly causing kidney failure and the eventual death of the patient. The pharmacist admitted he had been abusing prescription pain killers (McCoy).

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Lawyers Settle Pharmacy Malpractice Lawsuit

Attorneys at Pritzker Hageman settled a wrongful death case where a patient was injected with a medication that was 10 times the prescribed dose. The woman died almost immediately. This was not a case against Walgreens.

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