My Spouse Has Listeria and I Need Help

Your spouse’s illness from Listeria monocytogenes bacteria was most likely caused by contaminated food. Our Listeria lawyers have represented clients who were severely sickened after eating sprouts, raw milk, cheese, deli meat, caramel apples and other food products. You can contact our lawyers using the form below.

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A company sold unsafe food, and now your spouse is sick, maybe fighting for his or her life. It isn’t right.

You and your spouse have the right to sue for compensation and to hold corporate wrongdoers accountable. You can get a FREE case evaluation: use our free consultation form or call 1-888-377-8900.

Food Poisoning Lawyers

In most of the personal injury and wrongful death cases we handle, the investigation finds Listeria bacteria in a food processing plant. And in more cases than not, the FDA has found unsanitary conditions at the plant during an inspection.

The way to get to the truth and get compensation is to sue the companies responsible. Your husband or wife needs medical care now and into the future. There has been physical and emotional pain. You may also have a claim if you were unable to work because you had to care for your husband or wife, and if the illness adversely affected your marital relationship.

Do You Need a Lawyer if Your Husband or Wife has Listeria?

We would advise it.  A team of lawyers will most likely be representing the companies legally responsible for the illness that has changed the life of your husband or wife.  Our lawyers are some of the very few in the United States who have won multimillion dollar recoveries for people sickened by this dangerous pathogen. Many of our cases have been against corporate giants.

One Couple’s Story of a Husband Diagnosed with Listeriosis

Husband had Listeriosis
Patricia and John, who had listeriosis.

In 2012, John consumed food that, unknown to him, was contaminated with L. monocytogenes. At first he and his wife, Patricia, thought he had the flu, but after 2 days the symptoms worsened. Patricia rushed him to the emergency room. John tested positive for listeriosis, the illness caused by this pathogenic bacteria.

Listeria Monocytogenes

As the family watched John almost die and fight to overcome the illness, Patricia’s sons told her the family needed to find legal counsel. She began to interview lawyers and contacted Fred Pritzker, one of our lead lawyers for these cases. Fred met with Patricia and her brother at the rehab hospital. Below are Patricia’s words.

“Fred met John, and quietly told me that John could and would recover.  He knew more about Listeria meningitis than any doctor I had so far met!  He gave me hope, and when I hired him, he gave us his care and advice many times.”

Fred and his Bad Bug Law Team® were able to win a large settlement for John and Patricia. Read Patricia’s testimonial (click here).

What Will Our Lawyers Do to Help You and Your Husband or Wife?

Our lawyers have handled many of these cases (and teach other lawyers how to do it). They have been interviewed and quoted by The New York Times, CNN, Associated Press and others.

Below are some of the things our lawyers will do to win your case.

  • Communicate with your local health department to make sure everything is being done to find the source of your spouse’s illness and to get any available evidence;
  • Talk to you and, if possible, your spouse about how the illness has affected your lives;
  • Send a “demand letter” outlining your spouse’s injuries, the results of the investigation and a “demand” for a monetary settlement;
  • If no settlement, file a lawsuit for Listeria injuries and, thereby, sue some or all in the
    chain of distribution of the contaminated food;
  • Once a lawsuit has been filed, take legal action to get access to relevant corporate documents and to interview management;
  • Prepare for trial;
  • Negotiate for a settlement, which sometimes happens on the steps of the courthouse on the way to the first day of trial;
  • Settle the case if possible, and take the case to trial, if necessary.

Listeria can cause meningitis, an infection of the lining of the brain. This can cause permanent brain damage. It can also be fatal, a “listeriosis wrongful death“. This is a dangerous pathogen, and we are sorry your spouse was sickened. We hope your spouse will recover and live to enjoy many years of love and joy with you.

For more information, visit the CDC website.