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We have more experience handling Listeria cases than any other law firm in the United States.

Fred Pritzker and the attorneys on the Pritzker Hageman food safety legal team have stood in hospital rooms with the families of Listeria victims as their loved one fought for their life.

Cases of Listeria food poisoning are horrible…they are also completely preventable.

When we win compensation for our clients, we hold corporate wrongdoers accountable and help drive the kinds of changes needed to prevent future outbreaks.

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5 Reasons You Should Sue for Listeria from Unsafe Food

We know the word “sue” has bad connotations, and it is well deserved because of all of the ridiculous lawsuits that are filed. A Listeria poisoning lawsuit is not one of those. This is a vicious germ that is only in food because of carelessness, unsanitary conditions and a disregard for the safety of others.

Most of our clients get Listeria meningitis, an infection of the lining of the brain that is often fatal. Many times, our Listeria lawyers are at the hospital, along with the family, hoping the person sickened pulls through. The 5 reasons to file a lawsuit below should be just part of your decision process. Contact our lawyers at 1-888-377-8900 (toll free) to find out how we can help you and your family.

  1. With your lawsuit comes the ability to get access to corporate and health department documents that will help us win your case.  For example, in one outbreak, fresh produce was contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. Although the name of the grower was public, the names of distributors and a company that had inspected the produce processing plant were not public. We had to file suit to find out these names and get more information.
  2. If there is limited corporate insurance money available, your lawsuit will put you in a good position to get some of it. Although food processors, grocery stores and restaurants are required by law to have insurance to cover illnesses from food, there may not be enough to fully compensate everyone sickened. This is especially true with these outbreaks, where there are usually deaths and severe illness.
  3. Our lawyers have handled cases where company executives knew they were selling tainted food. In these cases, we pursue punitive damages for our clients and seek enough money to punish the corporate wrongdoer. In this way, your lawsuit is helping send a message to corporate executives that they need to put food safety before profit.
  4. When you file a lawsuit, you will have the opportunity to speak out about the devastation caused by the careless sale of contaminated food. Several of Fred’s clients have been interviewed by the media, and some have testified before Congress. Food safety nonprofit groups often contact Fred to find out if his clients are willing to take a stand against the corporate greed that leads to food poisoning outbreaks. The public needs to know that what it means to a family (and the victim if he or she survives) when a loved one is sickened with listeriosis.
  5. With your suit, you are telling the companies involved that you mean business, and that can result in a faster settlement and money to pay hospital bills and other expenses. When we say settlement, we mean full and fair compensation, in many cases millions of dollars. This is particularly important when the patient develops a serious complication, such as listeriosis meningitis (which almost always causes some permanent brain damage), hydrocephalus (can lead to hearing loss, dementia, gait disturbances, diminished cognitive abilities, incontinence, death), listeriosis sepsis (the bacteria get into the blood and cause a systemic infection, which is often fatal). These people may be in the hospital and rehabilitative care for months.

Below is a video explaining how a Listeria lawsuit works. Find out if you can get a money settlement from a food company to compensate you and your family for listeriosis from contaminated food.

Listeria CDC

Questions You May Have about Your Listeria Lawsuit

  1. Should I (or my loved one who is sick) be part of a class action suit?
    Probably not. These cases are not appropriate for a class action, where all of the claimants have very similar injuries.
  2. What do I need to prove to win my case?
    To win a personal injury or wrongful death case for illness from contaminated food, you will need to have a laboratory-confirmed case and convincing evidence connecting your illness to a food product. Foods that are often the source of listeriosis poisoning include deli meats, produce, sprouts, raw milk and raw milk cheese, processed foods that are generally not reheated (ice cream, for example).
  3. How much money will my family and I get?
    It will depend on the facts of the case, including the severity of the illness, the age and occupation of the person who got sick and many other factors.  A spouse may also have a claim for loss of companionship and other damages.
  4. How much money does it take to hire your law firm?
    You do not have to pay an hourly fee to hire our firm. We are not paid unless you win.
  5. Do you meet with clients and their families in the hospital?
    Yes. We are lawyers who make hospital calls, and unlike our TV representatives, we do not pressure people to “sign on the dotted line,” no holding a pen in someone’s hand. We meet at the hospital because it is more convenient for the family. And we continue to visit after we are hired because we believe the best personal injury lawyers are the ones who care about their clients. We get multi-million-dollar settlements, and one reason we do is because our clients trust us enough to share their hardships with our lawyers.

What if my baby was born with listeriosis?
Pregnant women are at higher risk of contracting these infections, which are then transferred to their babies via the placenta. Although many babies die in vitro (miscarriage or stillbirth), some survive through the birthing process. Many of these little ones are born prematurely and become extremely sick. The parents can file a lawsuit on behalf of the child to help the family with all of the expenses and loss of income if the parents take time off of work. Some of these cases are from Queso, a soft cheese. If it was homemade, the only available funds may be the homeowner’s insurance of the person who made it.


Questions Our Listeria Lawyers May Ask You

Listeria Bacteria Cause Listeriosis

If you contact Fred and his Bad Bug Law Team regarding your potential Listeria food poisoning lawsuit, we may ask you the following questions:

  1. Who was sickened, you, your spouse, your parent or your child?
  2. Have you been treated at a hospital or by a physician for your illness?
  3. Have you been tested to see whether you have listeriosis?
  4. If you were tested, were did you test “positive”?
  5. Has any local or state health department contacted you about your illness?
  6. If so, did they tell you that you are part of a recent outbreak, and did they say the connection was made with Whole Genome Sequencing?
  7. Did the health department tell you what food item caused the outbreak?
  8. Did the health department tell you if a grower, distributor, grocery store or restaurant was connected to the outbreak?
  9. If you purchased the tainted food item at a store or restaurant, do you have a receipt?
  10. When did you first develop symptoms?
  11. What were your symptoms?
  12. What complications have you experienced?
  13. Did you eat sprouts before your diagnosis?

About Attorney Fred Pritzker and His Team

Attorney Fred Pritzker and his Bad Bug Law Team have won millions for people sickened by contaminated food and families with listeriosis wrongful death claims, including $6 million for clients sickened by an outbreak linked to deli meat, where one client’s husband died. Our law firm has won large settlements from growers, food producers, distributors, retailers, restaurants and others.

You can contact Fred for a free consultation here to find out if you have a food poisoning claim. He represents food poisoning victims and their families throughout the United States.

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