You need answers if an accident, food poisoning, or other incident at a daycare caused your child harm. Our lawyers have handled these cases and won millions for children and their families in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Our experience with these cases means we hire the best expert witnesses to help win cases for our young clients.

Investigation of Daycare after Injury or Death of Child

If you hire us to represent you and your daughter or son, we will immediately conduct our own investigation of the incident to gather and preserve evidence, determine all liable parties, and build a case for full and adequate compensation for your family.

Some of the questions that will most likely need to be answered include the following:

  • How was your child injured according to eyewitness accounts and evidence found at the scene of the injury?
  • Did someone at the daycare purposely cause the harm?
  • Did one of the other children hurt your son or daughter (the daycare is still responsible)?
  • How many adult caretakers were working at the time of the incident?
  • What are the backgrounds of the people who were working at the daycare at the time of the incident?
  • What was the exact location of each employee from the time your child was in danger to the time the police arrived?
  • What did each person working at the daycare do when they became aware that your little one was in danger?
  • Were the caretakers adequately trained in CPR and other life-saving processes?
  • How long did it take someone to call 911?
  • How many children were at the facility and were there more than the number for which the daycare was licensed?
  • Were there licensing violations, and what was the relationship between any violations and the incident?
  • Were there past incidents of negligence?
  • Who owned the business and the facility where it was located?

No matter how the above questions are answered, you, on behalf of your son or daughter, may have the right to sue the daycare and/or the owner of the daycare building.

Possible injures including the following:

Help from Experienced Child Safety Lawyers

Our lawyers are also child safety advocates.  Our clients have testified before Congress regarding the wrongful deaths and injuries of their loved ones and the need for more safety regulation and enforcement. Attorney Fred Pritzker has spoken at Harvard Law School, Cornell University, and other venues about food safety.

Contact a lawyer about a lawsuit against a daycare. We are not paid unless you win.