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Attorney Brendan Flaherty recently obtained a $7.5 million verdict for a child who contracted an E. coli infection and a $6.5 million verdict in a case involving a child who contracted a Salmonella infection from contaminated chicken. He can be contacted for a free consultation at 1-888-377-8900 (toll free). Brendan has recently filed several lawsuits for clients sickened in outbreaks of Cyclospora, E. coli and Salmonella. You can contact Brendan if you believe you are part of a food poisoning outbreak.

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I am an attorney and partner at Pritzker Hageman, P.A. I fight for injured people and their families. The core principles that guide my law practice are trust, honesty, and passion.

Trust. Injured people and their families need to know that their lawyer is doing what is right.  I earn the trust of my clients first by listening and learning about their lives. I commit to the client’s case and as I take action for them, build trust.  For me, this trust is the bedrock for effective communication and representation.

Honesty.  In ordinary life, true honesty is rare.  It is difficult and uncomfortable.  It can even be downright mean.  The people I represent, however, are facing extraordinary challenges.  They are trusting me at a time when they are at their most vulnerable – physically, financially and emotionally.  They deserve absolute honesty from their lawyer.

Passion.  Good lawyers do good work.  Great lawyers have a passion for their client’s cause that goes beyond mere work.  To reach that level, we lawyers must forge meaningful relationships with our clients and their families.  It takes commitment, time, and heart, but the result is a passion in advocacy that will resonate with juries and judges.  Insurance companies and large corporations fight with teams of lawyers and well-paid experts.  Yet they can never match the  passion of a great trial attorney.

Brendan’s Background

As a child, I watched my father Tim Flaherty grow his own law practice from the ground up.  He worked tirelessly for his clients and I rarely saw him without a suit on or work files in hand (or both).  I remember traveling with him to a meeting in a small town far from his St. Paul offices.  At dinner with his client, the client turned to me and asked, “Do you think your dad really understands what our community out here in the country is facing?”  I told the client that I did not know about my dad but that I, though about 10 years old, understood the issues.  I recited the arguments I had heard my dad repeat countless times and did so with conviction.  The client cracked up.  My dad always lived and breathed his work, and, yes, my dad the big-city lawyer truly believed in his rural clients’ cause.  Whether I was to be a lawyer, a teacher, or something else, my father demonstrated an unbelievable work ethic and commitment.

After graduating from high school in Woodbury, I attended a small liberal arts college in Iowa called Grinnell College.  I graduated with a degree in history and after a year off, enrolled at the University of Minnesota Law School.

In law school, I met and later married Sandra Yue.  Sandra suffered from a very rare blood cancer and despite this chronic illness, lived a full and meaningful 34 years.  The most important moments of my life were with her before she passed away. I hope to use that experience and her memory to bring compassion and empathy to those who have been injured.

Following the experience with my late wife, I was incredibly lucky to meet Chelsea at a Minnesota Association for Justice convention.  She shared a commitment to justice and the experience of losing a loved one far too young. We soon fell in love, got married, and now have two young daughters, Eliza and Lola.

Brendan and Chelsea


Brendan and ChildrenWe live in Minneapolis but spend as much time as possible at my family’s cabin in northern Wisconsin with our dog Maeby.

“When a client allows me to help them fight insurance companies through the jury system, I am grateful and inspired.  That is what this profession is all about.”

“I am committed to making this system work better for injured people.  If insurance companies refuse to pay fair compensation, “I believe it is just and reasonable to exercise the right to a jury trial. With each verdict in favor of a person wrongfully injured, the insurance companies will face increasing pressure.”Attorney Brendan Flaherty

$45 million for clients injured by an over-the-counter medication that caused kidney failure and wrongful death.

$10 million on behalf of seven children who suffered intestinal injuries as a result of a defective food product.

$7.5 million verdict awarded to an E. coli O157:H7 survivor with severe kidney damage.

$6.7 million in a case involving a medical product that caused permanent injury.

$6.5 million landmark verdict in a case against Foster Poultry Farms on behalf of a 5-year-old child who contracted Salmonella Heidelberg and, as a result, suffered brain damage.

$6.45 million settlement for victims of a foodborne illness outbreak.

$4.5 million on behalf of a young woman who contracted an E. coli infection after eating at a restaurant.

$4.5 million on behalf of a young man who contracted Listeria meningitis from a contaminated food product.

$1.2 million on behalf of a woman who developed an E. coli infection as a result of eating an adulterated hamburger.

$1.9 million on behalf of a man who suffered partial paralysis after consuming a contaminated product.

$1.7 million on behalf of a 57-year-old man who developed listeriosis after eating adulterated cold cuts.

$1.65 million on behalf of senior citizens who were implanted with defective orthopedic appliances.

$1 million on behalf of a woman in her late 70’s who died as a result of an overdose of pain medication caused by a pharmacy compounding error. The ingested drug was 8-10 times stronger than prescribed.

Brendan Flaherty, Attorney of the Year 2014

Attorney Brendan Flaherty was named an “Attorney of the Year” by Minnesota Lawyer in 2014 for a multimillion-dollar settlement for babies sickened by an over-the-counter medical product. He also represented clients who suffered kidney damage from phospho-soda bowel prep products in MDL litigation that recently resulted in a multimillion-dollar global settlement.

Teaching and Publications

In addition to many CLE presentations, Brendan is currently an adjunct professor of law at both the University of Minnesota Law School and the Mitchell-Hamline School of Law.

At the University of Minnesota, he teaches first year law students about the practical aspects of being a lawyer.  The course is designed to take what students read in cases and books and put it into action on a real case.  Brendan coaches students on everything from interviewing clients and taking depositions to mediation and negotiating contracts.

Along with his partner Ryan Osterholm, Brendan also teaches a seminar at the Mitchell-Hamline School of Law about the law and practice of foodborne illness litigation.  Brendan has unique and extensive experience in the niche practice of representing people sickened by contaminated food.  He and Ryan use this experience to teach about how the challenges and rewards of taking on big corporate food manufacturers.

Brendan Flaherty’s article, “Salmonella Eggs, an Update,” was published in Update Magazine, a publication of The Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) (Brendan Flaherty (2010), “Salmonella Outbreak in Eggs: An Update,” Food & Drug Law Institute, Update, 6: 16-19.)

Brendan The News

New York Times

Attorney Brendan Flaherty was recently quoted by the New York Times regarding a Listeria outbreak linked to ice cream:

“The challenge of the outbreak is that they kept expanding the recalls in scope and time. Now health department officials are reopening and looking at listeriosis cases that they previously never linked to specific products, and they could discover many more cases linked to Blue Bell.”Brendan Flaherty, as Quoted by the New York Times

Star Tribune

The Star Tribune interviewed Brendan after he filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Kwik Trip on behalf of the family of a Rochester woman. She died after eating a caramel apple tainted with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. Below is an excerpt of the article in the Star Tribune.

“Refrigeration can’t prevent listeria, but it can significantly slow the growth of the pathogen, making fresh grocery items safer, according to Minneapolis attorney Brendan Flaherty, who represents Stewart and other victims of the outbreak. ‘Certain retailers have changed their policies regarding refrigeration because of this,’ Flaherty said.”Star Tribune

Education and Past Experience

Brendan graduated with a degree in history from Grinnell College and earned a law degree, cum laude, from the University of Minnesota Law School. Prior to joining Pritzker Hageman, he was an associate at the law firm of Campbell Knutson, P.A. where he specialized in civil litigation. Brendan also spent two legislative sessions on staff at the Minnesota Senate where he drafted legislation and provided policy research for the Transportation, Environment & Natural Resources, Crime & Public Safety, and Judiciary Committees.

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We are not paid unless you win. Submitting this form does not create an attorney-client relationship.