Heartland Express Truck Crash

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The information below reflects the content of the FMCSA management information systems as of 02/27/2015.

Crash Report

Fatal – 7

Injured – 86

Tow – 136

Total – 229 

Company Information These are the crashes reported to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for the 24 months prior to the date above. Crashes listed represent a motor carrier’s involvement in reportable crashes, without any determination as to responsibility.

Physical Address: 901 N KANSAS AVE, NORTH LIBERTY, IA 52317
Phone: (319) 626-3600
Mailing Address: 901 N KANSAS AVE, NORTH LIBERTY, IA 52317
USDOT Number: 134697
MC or MX Number: MC-115554
Power Units: 2,855 Drivers: 2,886
Mileage (Year): 325,000,000 (2011)

The company operates an interstate trucking business. Cargo hauled includes general freight, building materials, beverages and paper products.

News and Information

Heartland Express Truck Rear Ends Another Semi

In October of 2011, a charter bus crashed into a median on I-35 in Iowa near Ames. This accident caused traffic to slow down.

According to Iowa troopers, the driver of a Heartland Express semi truck did not slow down with traffic and rear-ended another semi truck. The driver of the second truck was critically injured and trapped inside of his cab, which was crushed and under a trailer. It took rescue workers over 2 hours to free him using a crane to lift the trailer up and off of the cab. He was taken by air ambulance helicopter to Des Moines hospital.

The preliminary investigation found distracted driving was the cause of crash.


On April 16, 2008, a Heartland Express truck driver was driving on Route 9 in Vermont, carrying a load of 43,150 pounds of paper he had picked up from the Fibermark facility in Brattleboro. He crossed the centerline and collided head-on with two vehicles. Tragically, the passenger of one of the vehicles died, and the driver of the other vehicle died 5 months after the crash. The widow of one of the drivers sued Heartland Express Inc., its truck driver and Firbermark North America Inc., the paper company whose products were being transported in the trailer.

The claims alleged in the wrongful death suit included the following:

  • The driver was  “negligent and reckless in the operation of the truck and his conduct demonstrated a wanton disregard for the rights of the others”;
  • Heartland Express was negligent in the hiring, training and retention of the at-fault driver, and that its conduct demonstrated a wanton or reckless disregard for the rights of others;
  • Fibermark negligently and recklessly loaded and secured the rolls of paper.

The lawsuit claimed the family suffered the loss of expected income, services, protection, care, and companionship.


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