Woman Dies After Mobile Home Explosion in Amherst Township, OH

A woman died after a mobile home explosion in Amherst Township, Ohio. Investigators say a preliminary investigation showed evidence of a gas leak.

Firefighters arrived at the Westwood Estates mobile home park shortly after 2 p.m. on Wednesday to find Rebecca Squires (53) badly burned. First responders transported Squires to Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland, where she sadly died from her injuries.

Did Natural Gas Cause the Amherst Township Mobile Home Explosion?

Although the investigation is still open, the Amherst Fire Chief says faulty supply lines in the area may have caused the mobile home explosion.

According to a statement from Columbia Gas, the utility did not find any leaks in the immediate area. A spokesperson said Columbia Gas owns “everything up to the house,” so a downstream line may have been at fault.

Residents say they smelled gas earlier in the day, but the fire department received no reports of a gas odor. Amherst fire officials recommend calling the local fire department as soon as possible if you smell gas.

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