Old Soul’s Farms Listeria Recall for Salad Greens, Herbs

Old Soul’s Farms of St. Paris, OH has issued a recall for Arugula, Basil, Finstar, Green Bibb, Romaine, and Spring Mix for possible Listeria contamination. The salad greens recall includes bulk products sold in clear, plastic bags and retail products sold in plastic, clamshell containers.

At the time of the recall, the company said it was not aware of any illnesses related to the consumption of the products. However, consumers who have purchased these products should not eat them as Listeria can cause serious illness and death. Among pregnant women, Listeria can cause miscarriage and stillbirth.

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The recall includes bulk products sold in 1 – 25 pounds clear bags. The lot codes of the affected products are:


  • (02)06.04.2021.AR.
  • (02)06.08.2021.AR.
  • (02)06.09.2021.AR.
  • (02)06.10.2021.AR.
  • (02)06.11.2021.AR.


  • (02)05.28.2021.BS.
  • (02)05.31.2021.BS.
  • (02)06.01.2021.BS.
  • (02)06.02.2021.BS.
  • (02)06.03.2021.BS.
  • (02)06.04.2021.BS.
  • (02)06.07.2021.BS.


  • (03)05.25.2021.FS.
  • (03)05.27.2021.FS.

Green Bib

  • (03)05.21.2021.GB.
  • (03)05.24.2021.GB.
  • (03)05.25.2021.GB.
  • (03)05.26.2021.GB.
  • (03)05.27.2021.GB.
  • (03)05.31.2021.GB.


  • (01)05.21.2021.ROM.
  • (01)05.24.2021.ROM.
  • (01)05.25.2021.ROM.
  • (01)05.26.2021.ROM.
  • (01)05.27.2021.ROM.
  • (01)05.31.2021.ROM.

Spring MIx

  • (03)05.21.2021.SM.
  • (03)05.24.2021.SM.
  • (03)05.25.2021.SM.
  • (03)05.26.2021.SM.
  • (03)05.27.2021.SM.
  • (02)05.31.2021.SM.

Retail products in clamshell containers were sold in three sizes 1-oz, 4-oz, and 5-oz. The affected lot codes are 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 201, 202, and 203.

Expiration dates for the recalled Arugula, Finstar, Green Bibb, Romaine, and Spring Mix are: 7/23/2021, 7/24/2021, 7/25/2021, 7/26/2021, 7/27/2021, 7/29/2021, and 7/30/2021.

Expiration dates for the recalled basil are: 7/20/2021, 7/21/2021, 7/22/2021, 7/23/2021, 7/24/2021, 7/26/2021, and 7/27/2021.

The problem was discovered through routine testing of rainwater holding tanks in the greenhouse facility and from tests conducted by a customer who received contaminated basil.

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