Gas Leak Causes Plano House Explosion, Injures 6

A gas leak caused a house explosion in Plano, Texas that injured six people on Monday afternoon. When fire crews arrived at the scene on the 4400 block of Cleveland Drive, the force of the blast had leveled the house. Several neighboring homes were also damaged. A neighbor told WFAA-TV that everything in his house was vibrating after the explosion to the point where it felt like his “whole house had shifted over.” Residents could feel the explosion from up to a mile away, including staff at the Haggard Library.

A total of six people were injured, including three children. One person was inside the house at the time of the explosion. Five other people, including the three children, lived at the house next door. The adults were transported to the Medical Center of Plano. The children are being treated at the Children’s Medical Center of Plano.

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Fire officials shut off natural gas lines in the area and Atmos Energy and Oncor Electric investigators were on the scene. Fire investigators say the cause was likely an isolated gas leak within the home. More investigation is needed to determine the location of the gas leak.

Burn Injury Lawyers Investigate Gas Line Leaks and Explosions

Gas line leaks and explosions are a common problem for companies like Atmos Energy. After a 12-year-old girl died when her Dallas home exploded from a leaking Atmos gas line, the Texas House passed two pipeline safety bills to help protect people from natural gas explosions.

A review of federal data by our investigative team found a high risk for catastrophic gas explosions in states with outdated iron pipeline systems. Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman, who lead our team of burn injury lawyers, recently appeared on WCCO-TV to discuss the importance of transparency and information sharing by gas companies to keep people safe from dangerous explosions. Fred says, “There are leaks all the time…People just don’t know what’s underground and have no way of knowing it’s there unless they take extraordinary amount of time and research to figure it out.”

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