The FDA is investigating a Salmonella Miami outbreak that has sickened 48 people. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has started a traceback investigation but has not yet revealed the potential food source. It’s the second outbreak linked to an unusual Salmonella serovar in the last two weeks. On December 28, 2020, the agency announced it was investigating an outbreak linked to the rare serovar Salmonella Potsdam. 

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Until 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) compiled an annual report of Salmonella illnesses reported throughout the U.S. called the Salmonella Surveillance Report. That year, just 12 cases of Salmonella Potsdam and 113 cases of Salmonella Miami were reported compared with the more common serovars such as Salmonella Newport or Enteritidis which caused 4,728 and 7,830 respectively.

In the past, Salmonella Miami outbreaks have been linked to food poisoning outbreaks at restaurants and vacuum-packed sliced ​​pork shoulder. Because the FDA rather than USDA is investigating this outbreak it is unlikely that the food source is some kind of meat or poultry.

In 2020, three multistate Salmonella outbreaks were announced by the CDC. One was linked to onions, another to peaches and the third to enoki mushrooms.

Thompson International Onion Salmonella Outbreak

Red Onion Salmonella OutbreakA Salmonella outbreak linked to onions produced by Thompson International of Bakersfield, CA and sold under a variety of brand names ended in October 2020 after sickening 1,127 people in the U.S. and another. 515 in Canada. At least 167 people in this country were hospitalized.

Prima Wawona Peaches Salmonella Outbreak

Peaches Sliced - Salmonella Outbreak LawsuitA Salmonella outbreak linked to fresh peaches produced by Prima Wawona and sold under a variety of brand names also ended in October 2020. That outbreak sickened 101 people in 17 states and another 57 in Canada. Prima Wawona issued a recall for the peaches sold at Costco, Target, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Wegmans, Hannaford, Food Lion, Stop&Shop, Price Chopper, Russ Davis Wholesale, Kroger, Jay-C, King Soopers, City Market, Fry’s, Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Foods Co., and Smiths stores.

Dried Wood Ear Mushroom Salmonella Outbreak

Salmonella Lawyer- Recalled Wood Ear Mushrooms Linked to OutbreakSalmonella outbreak linked to dried wood ear Mushrooms ended in November after 55 people were sickened and six were hospitalized. The mushrooms were distributed by Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. and sold only to restaurants. The company issued a recall for the mushrooms sometimes called kikurage, dried black fungus, dried fungus, or mu’er/mu er/mu-err.

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