Sprouts were the most common offender of 2016 outbreaks where food sources were identified, according to a newly released study from the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC). In 2016, federal investigators were able to solve 28 outbreaks which resulted in 656 illnesses, 171 hospitalizations, five cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a form of kidney failure; and eight deaths.

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Of the 28 outbreaks, 19 were caused by Salmonella, five were caused by E. coli, and four were from Listeria. Sprouts were the most common food source, associated with a total of five outbreaks that sickened 131 people. Four of the sprouts outbreaks were caused by Salmonella. They sickened 120 people. The fifth outbreak, caused by E. coli, sickened 11 people.

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A recent sprouts outbreak was linked sprouts served Jimmy John’s The most recent, an E. coli outbreak that sickened 22 people in Iowa, occurred at the end of December 2019. Jimmy John’s has since removed sprouts from the menu.

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