A 76-year-old man is hospitalized with injuries he sustained in an explosion at his Florissant, MO house on February 9. The heroism and kindness of neighbors likely helped to save the man’s life.

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Justin Koster, an electrician, was folding laundry around 8:00 a.m. when he heard a loud boom and knew something wasn’t right, he told local media. When he looked outside and saw flames coming out of the windows of the house in the 400 block of Paddlewheel Drive, he grabbed two fire extinguishers and ran to help.

Koster said his neighbor, who had suffered burns, dragged himself outside of the house before collapsing on the front porch. Koster talked with him encouraging him to stay alert. He then ran inside, put out four small fires and turned off the gas.

“I knew it happened in the kitchen because everything had blasted away from the kitchen,”  Koster told 5 On Your Side News.  “I thought he was cooking something, it must have been the gas line. Immediately, I knew it was gas.”

Debora Cheers and her husband heard the blast and saw the house shift on its foundation. They called 911 and ran to help. They brought a blanket to keep their neighbor warm and talked to him so he would know he was not alone until help arrived.

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