Two people unfortunately passed away after a house exploded in Wheaton, WI yesterday. Dale Lambert, 66 passed away at the scene. Belinda Wedemeyer, 68, suffered severe injuries and was transported to an Eau Claire hospital where she later succumbed to the injuries she sustained. A propane leak is the suspected source of the explosion.

Fire did not follow the 11:00 a.m. explosion which completely destroyed the home including its foundation. The force of the blast launched a sofa 25 feet into the air before it came to rest in the branches of a tree and scattered debris as far as 100 yards from the house that was located on 10th Avenue in the small town just north of Eau Claire.

Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk told local media that propane gas is the suspected source of the explosion. The propane tank which supplied fuel to the home remains intact.

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