Pritzker Hageman law firm has been retained to represent a client sickened in the Salmonella outbreak at Brixx and Barley restaurant in Long Beach, NY. The outbreak includes at least a dozen people who developed Salmonella infections after eating at the restaurant, located at 152 W. Park Ave., between early July and early August when health officials closed the restaurant to investigate the outbreak. The Nassau County Health Department said it will not allow the restaurant to reopen until the source of the contamination is discovered.

Our client ordered a Caesar salad during a July 31 visit to the restaurant and shortly thereafter developed, symptoms of a Salmonella infection which include fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

Salmonella outbreaks occur when food contaminated with fecal matter is ingested. Contamination can occur during slaughter, during the growing process if contaminated water is used for irrigation, or at any point from farm to table where an infected food handler doesn’t wash hands properly after using the bathroom.

The investigation of the outbreak is still ongoing.

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