Food Safety Lawyers Find Rabid Bat in Downtown Minneapolis

A group of food safety lawyers from Pritzker Hageman law firm found a rabid bat in downtown Minneapolis on Tuesday. The bat was discovered at the corner of Marquette Ave. and 6th St. After capturing the bat safely while it was still alive, our lawyers brought it to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, where the bat tested positive for rabies. Everyone on our team who came into contact with the bat received rabies prevention shots. Our food safety lawyers help people who develop illnesses by eating food that has been contaminated by infected animals. Our team is dedicated to protecting and educating people about the dangers of coming into contact with disease-infected animals.

Anyone who may have come into contact with the infected bat should contact the Minnesota Department of Health as soon as possible at 651-201-5414 or 1-877-676-5414 to determine whether rabies shots are needed.

How Do You Prevent Rabies After a Bite?

Rabies is a fatal illness that spreads to humans through the saliva of infected animals. It can be prevented by vaccination. Each year, about 35-75 animals test positive for rabies in Minnesota. Skunks and bats are the most common carriers of the disease. Bats are especially concerning due to their tiny teeth that may not be felt or leave a noticeable mark. If you came into physical contact with a bat, health officials recommend capturing the bat safely to submit it for rabies testing. As shown below, the Minnesota Department of Health has a video on how to safely capture a bat on their website. If the bat is not available for testing, you should receive rabies prevention shots as soon as possible.

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