Pritzker Hageman food safety attorneys filed suit today in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court on behalf of Jacksonville resident Lekeysha Bentley, who was sickened after consuming food at Cooper’s Hawk Winery contaminated with Cyclospora parasites.

Media reports have indicated that between 80 and 100 people may have been sickened at the Jacksonville restaurant in mid-June.  Since Cyclospora symptoms can take between a couple of days to more than two weeks to show up, more cases may still be discovered. Anyone who has had symptoms of Cyclospora poisoning, such as ongoing watery diarrhea – often combined with fatigue and nausea – should contact their doctor and get a stool sample test right away.  Cyclospora can last for months if not treated and requires specialized antibiotic treatment –  standard antibiotics will not work.

Our Cyclospora Team has represented most of the Cyclospora clients in recent large scale Cyclospora outbreaks such as the McDonalds Fresh Express and Del Monte outbreaks of 2018.

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