Duluth Grill Catered Food Linked to Cyclospora Outbreak

Duluth Grill catered food has been linked to Cyclospora illnesses in Duluth, MN that are part of an outbreak that has sickened 132 people in 11 states. Four people have been hospitalized.

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Cyclospora is a parasite native to sub-tropical climates. Herbs and other produce become contaminated when water containing human fecal matter is used to irrigate or wash produce.  Or, when an infected food handler does not properly wash hands after using the bathroom.

Although the illnesses reported in association with the Duluth Grill and other restaurants are not the result of poor food safety measures at the restaurants -because they received basil contaminated with a parasite that is almost impossible to wash off, restaurants are liable for illnesses that result from the food they serve. And, if you are part of this outbreak, you may have a claim.


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Pritzker Hageman’s Cyclospora lawyers have represented more clients in recent large-scale Cyclospora outbreaks than any other firm in the entire country. Last summer, our team represented clients in Cyclospora outbreaks linked to salads sold at McDonald’s and Del Monte veggie trays sold at Kwik Trip convenience stores. This summer our Cyclospora clients include people sickened in an outbreak linked to Cooper’s Hawk Winery and restaurant in Jacksonville, FL.

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