Sun Prairie, WI Gas Leak Explosion Kills One, Injures 12

On July 10, 2018, a gas leak explosion in downtown Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, killed a firefighter and injured twelve others. Of the twelve injured people, 5 were firefighters, one was a police officer, and 7 were civilians. One of the injured firefighters was critically injured.

We Energies, a natural gas provider, said workers for a construction company punctured a 4-inch (10-centimeter) gas main, causing a leak that resulted in the explosion. The blast created four-story flames.

Fire fighters and police officers were at the scene prior to the explosion after the gas main leak was reported. They were in the process of evacuating the area when the leaked gas ignited. These men and women heroically put themselves in harms way to protect the public, and, tragically, one of them died and others were injured.

“Injured people and their families need answers. What precautions could have been taken by the construction company to prevent this tragedy?” said Fred Pritzker, a gas explosion lawyer who recently won a $45 million settlement for a client who suffered burns on over 60% of his body.

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Explosion Damage Lawsuit
This is the scene an explosion that our lawyers investigated. Our client was severely burned, and we were hired to determine who was at fault. Attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman obtained a multimillion-dollar settlement for the injured man and his wife from a gas company, not We Energies.

In many gas explosion lawsuits, more than one company is at fault. For example, in one of our cases, both a gas company and a business hired by the gas company to do work on a gas line were liable, meaning they were legally responsible for paying for the harm caused by the blast. In that case, which did not involve We Energies, two people died and several others were injured.

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