Redwood Falls Man Dies in Collision with Semi Truck

A fatal accident took place early this morning in Renville County, MN.

A 46-year-old man from Redwood Falls, Minnesota, was driving northbound on Hwy 71 when he collided with a Mack tractor-trailer that was traveling southbound. He tragically died as a result of the collision. The driver of the Mack semi truck was transported to Redwood County Hospital and was treated for non-life threatening injuries. The Minnesota State Patrol report has not reported on the cause of the accident, but has reported that road conditions were dry at the time of the accident.

The Minnesota State Patrol has not updated this information. The cause of this crash has not been published.

Investigating a Collision

Every fatal accident should be fully investigated. In some cases, the state patrol does not have the time or see the need to do that. An independent investigation by a lawyer is particularly important in these cases. When the trucking industry is involved, it is critical to get a lawyer who has won cases against the teams of lawyers these companies use to limit the amount of money they pay to families with wrongful death claims. You don’t want someone representing you who is not aggressive, knowledgeable about transportation laws and able to negotiate a good settlement.

Getting Money for the Family after a Fatal Accident

The only way for a family to get money for their loss after a fatal collision is to if there is a wrongful death claim against the semi-truck driver and company. These claims are provided by special laws, and in Minnesota, the law requires the entire family to be represented by one person, called a trustee. If money is won, the trustee does not get all of it; instead, the judge approves an agreement regarding how the settlement or verdict will be shared.

Head-On Accident with Truck

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