Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Minnesota on the Rise

There have been 44 fatal motorcycle accidents in Minnesota so far this year. This is up from 39 deaths at this time last year.

“Other vehicles on the road, particularly large commercial trucks, need to watch for motorcycles and always drive with caution,” said attorney Fred Pritzker, whose Minneapolis law firm helps families get back on their feet after a wrongful death accident.

4 Motorcycle Accidents End Tragically

A man was killed in Rosemount yesterday, September 6, 2017, at about 7:30 p.m. on Highway 55 and County Road 42. Clive Christian Jorgensen, from Eagan, was one of several motorcyclists to die on Minnesota roads in the last week. He was driving a Yamaha motorcycle eastbound on High when he swerved to avoid hitting a box truck that was westbound on Highway 55 and turning south onto County Road 42. When he swerved, he collided head-on with a Chevy Malibu.

Also on Wednesday, David Cook, from West St. Paul, was killed when his motorcycle collided with a car at South Robert Street and Butler Avenue.

What happens when is is not clear who is at fault?

When a cyclist dies in a crash, it may not always be immediately evident who was at fault. One reason is that these light vehicles do not always leave skid marks. Another reason is that witnesses may not have seen what happened because of the size of the bike, which is dwarfed by a large commercial truck.

In every case, a lawyer should inspect the scene of the accident and the vehicles involved as soon as possible. The driver of the other vehicle should be “deposed”, a legal term for questioned under oath with a court recorder typing out a transcript of the questions and answers. Some collisions require an accident reconstruction specialist to help determine who was at fault. These experts also inspect the scene and the vehicles, taking measurements and gathering other evidence that will help them piece together what happened.

Motorcycle Crash

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