Duffy’s Bar and Grill in Osseo, MN: Salmonella Lawyer Representing Customer

Our food safety attorneys are representing a man who was diagnosed with Salmonella poisoning after eating at Duffy’s Bar and Grill (Duffy’s) in Osseo, Minnesota. Our client is one of 5 people whose Salmonella Enteritidis infections may be associated with Duffy’s, according to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), which is investigating the outbreak.

The age range of the 5 people sickened in the outbreak is from 28 to 80 years old. Two people were hospitalized. The most recent meal date for the outbreak victims was February 26, 2017.

According to MDH, interventions were put into place at the facility, and there is no evidence of ongoing transmission.

Can Duffy’s Bar and Grill Be Sued for Salmonella Poisoning?

If there is sufficient evidence linking the illnesses to the restaurant, those sickened in the outbreak may have the right to sue for compensation. If you think you are part of this outbreak, contact one of Salmonella attorneys at 612-338-0202 or use our free consultation form.

Our Salmonella lawyers help people sickened at restaurants get compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, emotional suffering, and other damages.

Salmonella bacteria under a high magnification of 10431X.

Our law firm has won money for clients in cases where the food that caused the illnesses was contaminated before it was sold to the restaurant. In cases like this, there may be claims against several companies, including the owner of the restaurant, a grower, food processor, distributor, and others. This depends on the results of traceback investigations done to determine exactly where the contamination occurred.

We have also won money for clients in cases where the specific food item that caused the illnesses was never determined. This happens quite frequently.

For more information, see “Can I Sue a Restaurant for Food Poisoning?

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