2 Injured in Forest Lake When Dump Truck Hits Power Line

Forest Lake Power Line Accident

Two women were injured in Forest Lake when a dump truck hit power lines, knocking it down. The women were walking on 15th Street Southwest when the dump truck, its flatbed extended, ran into power lines that were hanging above the road. The picture above is of the scene of accident about 12 hours later. The power lines are back above the road, but crews are still working.

Dump Truck Driver Cited for Violation of Minnesota Regulation

According to the Forest Lake Police, the dump truck driver had lifted the flatbed to empty rain water while in a parking lot. He failed to lower the bed before he started down the road. As he drove under the power lines, he hit them and knocked them down to the ground.

The women were walking to work on the sidewalk when the power lines came towards them. One was hit in the face and chest and dragged out into the street, where she was found under a power line, according to police. The other woman was found face down. Both were transported to the hospital.

The dump truck driver received a citation for a height violation under Minnesota law, which limits the height of commercial vehicles to 13 feet and six inches.

Injured Pedestrians Have Legal Rights

If a person walking on a sidewalk is injured due to illegal driving, that person may have the right to compensation, according to attorney Eric Hageman.

“In many of these cases, the pedestrian is seriously injured. Any trauma to the head can cause permanent damage or wrongful death,” says Eric.

Along with traumatic brain injury, many of our clients have suffered severe abrasions to the arms and face, which involve pain and also varying levels of disfigurement. Careless drivers and the companies that employ them need to be held accountable for of the harm they cause.

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