Minnesota and Utah are the two leading states in the Garden of Life RAW Meal shake Salmonella outbreak, but this food poisoning outbreak is widespread and is known to have infected more than 33 people in 23 states. If you or a loved one became hospitalized or saw a doctor for your illness, contact attorney Ryan Osterholm about suing Garden of Life. A RAW Meal shake lawsuit is one alternative available to consumers in order to hold the manufacturer responsible. Consultations with Ryan are free.

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Contact Attorney Ryan Osterholm about a Garden of Life RAW Meal shake Salmonella lawsuit.

A final update in the Garden of Life Salmonella Virchow outbreak has been issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The first confirmed case patient fell ill on December 5, 2015. The company issued recalls on January 29 and February 12, but CDC food poisoning investigators are warning that some supplies may still be stored in consumers’ homes and still could cause Salmonella infection.

“Consumers should not eat and retailers should not sell the recalled products,” the federal agency said. The expanded recall by Garden of Life, LLC, covers several lots of RAW Meal Organic Shake & Meal products, available in chocolate, original, vanilla, and vanilla chai. Details of the RAW  Meal shake recall are still available. “Consumers unaware of the recall could continue to eat the products and potentially get sick,” the CDC said.

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Minnesota, Utah, Alabama, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin are included in the territory of this outbreak. The recalled products were available for purchase nationwide in many retail stores and online.

Foundation for litigation in this case is rooted in science practiced by leading health officials at the state and national level. The Utah Public Health Laboratory and Oklahoma Public Health Laboratory isolated the outbreak strain of Salmonella Virchow from open containers of Garden of Life RAW Meal collected from ill people’s homes in Utah and Oklahoma.  Both products that were tested were from lots covered under the recalls announced by Garden of Life, LLC. FDA sampling confirmed the presence of the outbreak strain of Salmonella Virchow in Organic Moringa Leaf powder, an ingredient used in RAW Meal Organic Shake & Meal Replacement products.


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Our attorneys are investigating details of this outbreak, especially the information that pertains to the rights of consumers. When defective products cause injury or illness, people are entitled to hire legal counsel for comprehensive recovery. Even if your Salmonella illness was not severe, you could still have a case.

Salmonella outbreaks don’t just happen,” Osterholm said. “They are caused by failed food safety systems and inattention to detail. This outbreak could have been prevented.”


Salmonellosis is most dangerous to older adults and can cause death in extreme cases. No deaths were reported in the Garden of Life RAW shake outbreak, but at least six people were hospitalized. After symptoms of painful stomach cramping, diarrhea and fever pass, infections can lead to reactive arthritis and other long-term ailments. A good Salmonella lawyer will address the long-term health implications as part of any settlement negotiation.

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