One Dead, One Injured in Dump Truck Crash

Dump trucks cause more injuries and deaths than most other specialty trucks that are not 18-wheeler transportation vehicles. Attorney Fred Pritzker recently won settlements for 2 families whose loved ones were killed by dump truck drivers. Contact Fred for a free consultation.

Below is yet another tragic crash that killed one person and hospitalized another.

A dump-truck and pickup truck collided on Route 222 between Lancaster and Quarryville this morning.  A woman who was riding in the pickup truck died at the scene and a male passenger has been hospitalized for serious injuries after being freed from the wreck by firefighters.  The dump truck driver, who was hauling blacktop materials, did not sustain injuries.  The cause of this crash is yet unknown.

When it is not immediately clear who is at fault in a traffic accident, it generally takes an independent investigation by an attorney to find out what happened. An enormous amount of work may need to be done. At the scene, special equipment is used to measure distances, skid marks are examined, the road design is noted. People who were part of the accident or saw the crash are interviewed. If there is black box data, that is examined. All of this information is used to reconstruct the accident.

One interesting thing, is that each side can look at the same evidence and come to a different conclusion. It may take a thorough investigation and mediation, or even a trial, to determine who was at fault.

When someone dies in a crash, we think the family deserves some answers.


Dump Truck Traffic Accident
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