Minnesota Motorcycle Fatality in Beltrami County

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A 66 year-old Minnesota man was fatality injured when his Honda motorcycle collided with a Dodge Caravan Friday August 19th at about 10pm. Motorcyclist, George Doherty, was driving eastbound on Highway 2, in Beltrami County northern MN, when a Dodge Caravan turned into his path. Doherty broadsided the passenger side of the minivan. Emergency responders were unable to save his life. The driver of the van did not sustain any injuries. We were unable to locate a Go-Fund-Me for the deceased, if friends or family have created one, we will link to it here.

County highway intersections are one of the most dangerous places to drive. They can be dimly lit, reducing visibility, and making it difficult for oncoming traffic to see a merging vehicle. Many drivers also struggle to gauge the speed of on coming traffic. Therefore, when they attempt to cross a highway they expose themselves to crashes from vehicles driving perpendicular. At highway speeds, an impact like this can cause one or both vehicles to spiral out of control into oncoming traffic. Motorcycles lack the protective structure of cars and trucks, and thus highway crashes can are significantly more likely to be fatal to motorcyclists and bikers.

According to a statement from Minnesota State Highway Patrol’s Troy Christensen we are likely to see an increase in motorcycle fatalities over the next few weeks. In Minnesota late summer and early fall bring see an influx of motorcyclists cruising on roadways. An increased number of motorcycles on the road in conjunction with a decrease in daylight can create perilous driving conditions.

What can you do to keep safe?

  • Always wear a helmet. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT) wearing a helmet can decrease head and brain injuries and the risk of dying in a crash by 37%.
  • Maintain a valid motorcycle license. According to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) 25% of fatal motorcycle crashes in 2013 involved a cyclist who did not have a valid license.
  • Slow down. Over a third of all crashes involve speeding motorcyclist. It is important to teach young drivers that speed limits exist for a reason.
  • Stay sober. We urge motorists to abstain from alcohol. Additionally, motorcyclists should seek to avoid riding hours immediately following bar close when there is an increased likelihood of impaired drivers on the road.

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Motorcycle Crash Police On Scene

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